EDAMIX Fume Cupboard

Edamix fume cupboards are functioned for fume extraction and provide full protection of lab users from potential hazardous substances in the internal workspace. All fume cupboards are constructed in accordance to Australian Standard AS2243 and British Standard BS7258. Our fume cupboards can be customized to meet individual’s requirements and yet serve the same functionality.

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Your laboratory safety is our priority and we devote ourselves in helping you to protect your most valuable assets.

We strive to ensure our customers are safe within our well designed laboratory at all times, whilst utilizing the world’s best technology.


Ductless Fume Cupboard

Edamix ductless fume cupboard provide full protection to lab user and environment from hazardous fumes or other volatile chemicals. Ductless fume cupboard filter out contamination away from lab user and recycle clean air back to the laboratory. Edamix ductless fume cupboard is very cost-effective, convenient for lab user and it doesn’t require connection to extraction system.

Laminar Flow Cabinet

Laminar flow cabinet protects the products in the working environment by sterilizing air through HEPA filter and creating a constant airflow over the work area to prevent product contamination. Edamix laminar flow cabinet is configurable with a wide range of choices personalized to your requirements.


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Laboratory Furniture

All Edamix lab furniture is manufactured and designed to meet our clients’ requirement and budget. We ensure the good quality of our products no matter the size or complexity of the projects. Using the finest materials and highly advanced facilities, our lab furniture is well known for its durability and functionality in different lab conditions.

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