Your Trusted Laboratory Specialist

Specialized laboratory fume cupboard manufacturer involves in laboratory design, refurbishment and other related services.

“From design laboratory concept to manufacture and installation”

We are committed to provide ergonomic and user-friendly laboratory system for our customers across different industries. In addition, we provide custom-built lab furniture that fit your requirements. 

Most noteworthy that our products are designed and constructed in accordance to international standards. 

Your Complete Laboratory Solutions

Constructions of new laboratory can be fascinating and yet challenging. Our goal is to ensure your laboratory can be operated with ease.

“Our well-experienced production and management teams are the key factors for creating a smoothly operated laboratory system”

Edamix laboratory system has been providing many years of outstanding performance under the heavy demands of laboratory environment.

With our advanced facilities, we ensure fast turnaround times for our production and installation of our products.

More than 20 YEARS of Satisfied Customers

Our client-centered services enable us to deliver the utmost effective and efficient laboratory system to our clients.

“There is no doubt that client’s satisfaction is our top priority”

We analyse, design and modify laboratory system to address the needs and demands of our customers.

As a result, we assist our clients in turning their ideal lab design to functional lab system.


Laboratory Design and Construction

Edamix is one of the leading laboratory furniture manufacturer in Malaysia. We offer wide range of services from laboratory refurbishments to full laboratory turnkey solutions. No matter the size or complexity of the projects, we always provide and deliver outstanding products and services to our clients. Whether you require refurbishment for existing laboratory or complete turnkey project for new building, we definitely have the capability for your projects. Contact us today to know more about our products and services.

Customize Laboratory Solutions for Different Laboratory Environments and Industries